Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Grandma Prisby

Grandma Prisby is a hero of mine. Her Bottle Village was close to where I lived. I never visited. I regret that.

I met Grandma Prisby at the Woman's Building in Los Angeles. She built semicircular walls, composed of concrete, toothbrushes, doll parts, bottles and other junk on the 3rd floor gallery. They were fascinating.

From Google:

... Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village Grandma Prisbey used no formal plans as she built 22 structures made of bottles in Simi Valley, California. ...

RealEstateJournal | Preservation News
... Samudio. "They fall into the category of folkloric environments,
ranging from Watts Towers to Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village.". ...

On The Town - Bottle Village
... Previous Show, home. April 24, Daniel Paul From Grandma Prisby's
Bottle Village Daniel Paul Music Playlist: Theme Song: "Miracles ... here

Links, Wits End Mosaic, tile adhesive, tile glue, adhesive, glue ...
... Weird Gardens - Inspired by Gaudi, the Watts Tower and Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village
this artist turned her home and garden into a 'weird' , wonderful and ...

... eager tourists. And allow me to become controversial again, and compare
the Acropolis to Grandma Prisby's Bottle Village. The Bottle ...

November Home Monthly - American craftsmanship
... Will continues Grandma's depiction of rural upstate New York, though his work
is a ... Carved folk art by artisans such as Bush Prisby (Penn.), Mary Shelly (NY ...


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