Monday, September 29, 2003

Friday, September 12, 2003

Explaining My Stuff

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Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2003, 8:14pm
Subject: [Clf-l] My Outsider Art

Here's the blog, basically describing the masks I'm making. Outsider Art

I just bought some film I will photograph them tomorrow. I'll have to take photos to Evil Wal*mart to develop, because they'll post jpegs on their web site for 30 days.

Then, I'll have someone with a computer (ANY VOLUNTEERS???) access the site and email the digital photos to me, so I can post them online.

Webtv is not compatible with Wal*Mart's web site. I KNOW I shouldn't go to W.M., but it is literally the cheapest and fastest way; I've called every digital developing place in town.

Oh, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

I assume I can show them to you in a couple of weeks. I'm going to make more. When you see them, I think you will agree with me that
I'm on to something with these!

If you want to know about my other arts & crafts, there's a link from my Outsider Art Blog that shows some.

I also make Cat Pillows (I'll take pictures of them, too) which I can customize to look like the customers' cats.

I sell herbs & seeds, and gourd bird houses, too (more pictures!)

I'm too tired to talk about the poverty stuff tonight. I had a hard hard painful day. I need rest, so I can finish the masks tomorrow and go sell them.

Wait 'til you SEE them! I'm SO PROUD!
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Thursday, September 11, 2003

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

I haven't been able to do the panky site all week! I've been REALLY hustling the masks! I thot the hippy fair was Saturday. IT's TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have : a black cat, green dragon/dinosaur/crocodile?, and a tiger already done. All they need is a quick spray of clear acrylic.

I have 2 with primer paint out drying right now to decorate/paint tonight: lion (with yarn mane) and an ant head with mylar eyes and wire antennae.

On the living room floor, in front of my fan, is a horse whose yarn main just got paper mached on. It'll get primed in an hour or so.

Also outside: something with big eyes. I may try to make a monkey out of it with big lips and ears.

All but the monkey should probably be ready for the fair tomorrow. BUt I've been working my ASS off!

And both Mon and yesterday, I had to run errands, so that ate up 8 hrs this week.

My house is filthy. THAT's gotta b cleaned for my interview with the Albuquerque Journal next week. (see the Daily Rogi Blog).

I'm also writing for the blogs, since that's what she wants to interview me about (she found my Hood Life blog & emailed me).

I'm in a LOT of pain, but I'm not quitting 'til it's all done.

Once the hippy fair is over, I can concentrate on Mr. Panky.

Or die!