Thursday, April 22, 2010

MOVIE: "True Stories"

I'm putting this in Outsider Art because it is.

I live in a landscape nearly identical to this. No mall, no industry on the edge of town, no nightclub with dancing, no suburban development. Just tumbleweeds, prairies, road runners, sky . . .

I recognized some of my neighbors in this film: not the main characters, though.

It's nice to see someone talk about small town USA without cynicism, superiority, snobbery and contempt.

This is a production about loving plain old US citizens, warts and all.

It's a "what would happen if . . ." contemplation of culture.

My favorite part was the talent show, particularly the two auctioneers, battling to be fastest, accompanied by a yodeling roper.

It's "Spinal Tap" with cowboy boots.

I think "The Matrix" stole their green on black video read out from this film.

The preacher, by the way, was played by the guy who's been playing Edward Quartermain on "General Hospital."

John Goodman's song should have been in a slightly lower key; he had to struggle.

It's visually fun, but the art never gets too distracting.

It's a fun ride!

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