Sunday, August 31, 2003

Papier Mache Masks

papier mache masks

Group: news:alt.discuss.clubs.public.arts-lit.writing.rriverstone Date: Wed, Aug 6, 2003, 8:35am (MDT-1) From: (Rogi�Riverstone)

I'm making masks, for Halloween.

Take a 12 pack can box. Open at seams, flatten. Cut about a 2" strip off each of the flaps ends.

Wrap box over head. Staple one of the strips under each ear, wrapping in front of jaw.

Staple other strip around head, like a hat band. Do not staple head! LOL

It'll look like a weird foot ball helmet.
mix glue, flour and water in a bowl and whisk.

tear news print paper into 1" strips, dip in glue, "squeegie" off excess liquid between fingers. Wrap news print around mask. ONE LAYER ONLY, or it'll get too wet.

Set in sun to dry for a day.

Repeat process, but.....

Cut a rectangle of tulle netting about 4x6".
Dip in glue mix, squeeze out excess. Place over face opening, secure with strips of newsprint.

Now, I can start applying "lumps" of wadded dry newsprint, covered in strips of wet, to make lumps for ears, eyes, nostrils and other facial features.

Ears, manes, etc. need to be as far BACK on the "helmet" as possible, to act as counter weights, so mask won't slip forward and blind wearer.

Once the whole thing is dry, spray with dollar spray paint. Add details with acrylic paints, beads, seeds, yarn, sequins.....whatever.

Right now, I'm making either an alligator, an alien or a dinosaur.

Next will be a cat, followed by a unicorn, then a lion!

The wearer can see very well out of the opening, cuz it's huge. But it's the same color and follows the facial lines, so the more prominent "eyes" I'm building attract the viewer's eye. The real wearer's face is veiled and shaded by the mask!

Doesn't weigh much, gets good air circulation, almost all the materials are recycled trash that cost nothing! Actual cost of materials per mask is probably less than a dollar.

Takes about 10 mins. to apply each layer of papier mache per day.

Bet I can sell em for fifty bucks each!

They're big, bold and fabulous!
Re: papier mach� masks

Group: alt.discuss.clubs.public.arts-lit.writing.rriverstone Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2003, 9:24am (MDT-1) From:(Rogi�Riverstone)

one mask is almost done being sculpted. It should be done tomorrow or the next day and ready to paint, decorate. It bears, unfortunately, a strong resemblence to Barney, the Dinosaur. Eyes, nostrils, nose ridges. Tomorrow, I add lips and teeth.

The 2nd mask just got its first sculpting: eyes, eyebrows and ears for a cat.

The 3rd just has the first coating of paper on it, to cover holes and establish basic shape. It's got a short snout, so it could b a monkey, I suppose. or an owl. or something... what else has a short snout? ummmmm...

I'm also thinking of making a fish helmet. The whole thing will be a whole fish, with the person looking out the fish's mouth and the tail at the back of the head....

They're cute, baby. I mean, I'm really proud of these puppies....

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