Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Outsider Art News

ON Mark's trail
Louisville Courier Journal, KY
... It's not traditional folk art with a canon. Outsider artists tend to
create their own canon and are unique to their own style.". ...

THE Fifth Dimension
Fort Worth Weekly, TX
... or the Community Arts Center -- the walls are dripping with all those
big ideas about minimalism/post-minimalism/neo-minimalism, Op Art, and
even outsider art. ...

ANGEL of the South
Guardian, UK
... from the unexpected crossover success of the bluegrass-tinged O Brother, Where Art Thou?
...despite her blossoming beauty, she was, she says, something
of an 'outsider ...

CLOSE to Home, 10-30-03
Henderson Gleaner, KY
... Mount Vernon, Ind. - "The Price of Freedom: Outsider Art by Rick McCarty,"
Wednesday-Nov. 11, meeting-entertainment room, American Legion, 203 Walnut
St. ...

ART museum's quilt display fluffed up for Gallery Night
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
... 759 N. Water St.: "Eileen Doman: Family Tree." Family snapshots evoke
nostalgic imagery in the hands of Doman, a rising star of the outsider
art scene. ...

THE Making of a Cover
Sport Compact Car Magazine
... The term "graffiti" is now more often paired with the word "art" as
it becomes respected and legitimate celebration of so-called "outsider
art.". ...

A true story of a boy and his dog
Atlanticville, NJ
... I found 'Feeding Bark' by Tim Brown when I was looking at outsider
art on eBay. I saw this picture ...

AMERICAN Visionary Art Museum
Baltimore Sun, MD
... opening this mix-n-match grab bag of art when she visited Switzerland's
Art Brut Museum, which was committed to exhibiting self-taught and outsider art. ...

MUSIC can cross racial lines
Louisville Courier Journal, KY
... He wound up an outsider in an outsider culture, dealing with racism... After 10 years of reckless, rampant and renegade art

MEDIATION is the medium
The Japan Times, Japan
Will you use that freedom as an outsider to plan any controversial
exhibitions? No. It comes from the art.

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