Sunday, January 25, 2004

creative heart

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THE creative heart of Bayou City beats year-round
San Antonio Express
... Nowhere more unabashedly displayed than at The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, a superb example of outsider art, passion, creativity and ingenuity. ...

ARTISTIC take on interior design
Baltimore Sun
... Like Freeman, outsider artists - also called visionary artists - tend to be self-taught and may be indifferent to such inconsequential matters as food, shelter ...

KEYS arts scene brims with activity, variety
Miami Herald
... Open Air Art Affair, an outdoor art show sponsored by Schooner Wharf Bar and the Outsider Artists of the Keys, will be held March 6 at the Key West Historic ...

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... in New York City Jan. 23 to 25. The event embraces works of self-taught/Outsider
artists. BURNED OUT: Usually, beginning this column ...

'WAR Memorial' artists call attention to their work, not to ...
Seattle Times
... is focused on the artwork, not the individuals responsible for the
pieces, said Chris Lodwig, who says he's the spokesman for the Seattle
Outsider Artists ...

MIXED media in frame
Sydney Morning Herald
... definition of an artist. Works by major Australian and New Zealand
artists keep company with works by "outsider" artists. As a collector

NEW exhibit examines the 'Demons' in Gillespie's work
Boston Globe
... Outsider artists succeed when, despite their lack of training,
they make work that has a certain formal sophistication.

THE reluctant disciple
... Modernists and reactionaries alike have wanted to see in El Greco an autarkic outsider artist ... we can look beyond a myth of El Greco that, if it fed modern art ...

THE envoy and the artwork
The Japan Times
... An outsider can hardly condemn the artist, a Jew, for empathizing with... Remarks about the inviolability of art and diplomatic conventions alike seem offensive ...

SUNDANCE 2004: The Buzz and the Bores
... the risk of sentimentality, get us rooting for and identifying with
this ultimate outsider ... It's an artful film about, among many other
things, the power of art ...

Albuquerque Tribune
... through March 14. "Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art in Context," through March 29. "A Handmade Planet ...

OF Signs and Wonders, Visionaries and Loners
New York Times
... this fantasy is nourished by seeing that some great art has been produced by real Outsiders, as you may discover this weekend at the 12th annual Outsider Art ...

ART Calendar
Hartford Advocate
... Dealer specializes in outsider art. Art Brut and Outsider Art, works by Alexandra Huber, Ronald Sloan, Shane Van Pelt, Paul Pitt and others.
Through April 30. ...

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