Thursday, January 15, 2004

War Memorial

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'War Memorial' artists call attention to their work, not to themselves

By Maria Gonzalez

Seattle Times staff reporter
Clues to the identities of the artists responsible for the soldier art put up atop Sand Point Magnuson Park's Kite Hill surfaced yesterday with the anonymous artists issuing a public statement.

The artists wish to remain anonymous so that public attention is focused on the artwork, not the individuals responsible for the pieces, said Chris Lodwig, who says he's the spokesman for the Seattle Outsider Artists Project, a group representing the artists.

"So many people worked on this, they wanted to remain anonymous.
Plus it allows people to look at the art as art," Lodwig said.

In an e-mailed statement, the artists said the "Endless War Memorial" began in early 2003 as a way to protest the looming war with Iraq but grew to include broader military, political and economic issues. Four to 10 people worked on the project throughout the year, Lodwig said.

The installation, which appeared mysteriously at Magnuson Park last week, shows nine life-sized plywood soldiers. Eight soldiers painted black with mirrors for faces surround a silver-colored officer saluting his men.

Kite Hill is also the site where a monolith appeared on New Year's Day in 2001. Lodwig said some of the artists with ties to the monolith project participated in the soldier installation.

The artists chose to depict the eight-man squad with an officer, the smallest operational military unit, they said.

"Like pieces on a chessboard, our eight soldiers are starting to form ranks, lining up in front of their leader, who is the embodiment of war," the statement reads.
City officials said the artwork can stay at the park until March 1.

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